Buying the Right Used Mountain Bike Begins With Knowing Exactly What You Want

Are you a mountain biking enthusiast?  If so, the chances are you are always keeping your eye on the used mountain bikes for sale market to see what is available and at what price.  You have probably decided to buy a good used bike that has the features you want rather than try to upgrade your existing bike with new generation components.  If you price it all out it makes more sense to purchase a pre-owned MTB bike already outfitted the way you want it, perhaps including one that offers suspension.


As you peruse the market for the best used mountain bikes for sale here are the key features to take into consideration.  Your budget may ultimately dictate which model you choose but this guide will help you narrow your options.

The frame is the most important consideration.  It is the bones of the bike and the most essential aspect of its overall performance.  You can build the components you want onto the frame, but the frame must be of the weight class, style and durability you are looking for.  If you want the used mountain bike you choose to be highly responsive then choose one with a more compact frame that features steeper angles in the head and seat.  You’ll trade some stability, however.  Lesser angles create a longer frame and more steadiness.  Finding and choosing the right model starts with knowing the type of frame that fits your style of riding and how aggressive you plan to be.

When shopping the used mountain bikes market the next major issue to decide on is whether to select one with rear suspension or not.  Most new mountain bikes come with some form of suspension but it is possible to find used mountain bikes without it.  If you ride on flats mostly then perhaps you don’t need rear suspension.  But you’ll find that any up and down riding is made much more comfortable by the presence of suspension and it also provides better control.  Unified Rear Triangle models have given way to Raised Low Pivot as the preferred design, but either is a real upgrade from having no suspension at all.

Finally, consider the components of the used mountain bikes you are looking at, including the wheels.  Materials play a large part here.  Aluminum and titanium will cost more but will generally provide both better performance and durability.  You’ll also find better tolerances in higher priced pre-used MTB bikes.  If you have to pick one component to pay better money to get in your used bike it should be the wheels.  The right combination of low weight and durability is important.  It can make a low-end bike ride like a high-end MTB bike.

While the price of the used mountain bikes you are shopping is not always indicative of quality the pre-owned MTB bike market is competitive so you generally get what you pay for.  The key to finding and choosing the right model is to know where you want to spend your money.  A good frame and better wheels and tyres are where most experts suggest you put your cash. They also recommend you buy a bike that is better than you think you’ll need, in case your passion for the sport deepens and you begin to take on more challenging terrain.

Summary: When shopping for used mountain bikes there are several key factors related to finding and choosing the right model.  These factors include choosing a frame that features stability versus responsiveness, whether to get one that offers suspension, and selecting one with durable accessories that improve performance.